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 User manual for Basic Search

Basic Searchis a tool or software (Search Engine) which helps us to search the technology information via an Internet (Full Text Search) and support searching by set the condition
Starting using Searching System Basic Search
Before using Basic Search User should know all tools of Basic Search

Components of Basic Search

1. Search Box for the input searching word : for put any keyoword that user wants to search
2. Search Button : Start to search from the keywords that user key in the search box
3. search in the other categoriesๆ : users can choose Basic Search to search only the specific category

Usage Basic Search
Users can use Basic Search by following steps

  • Type Keywords that relevant to the wanted information into the search box with both Thai and English language

  • click at search button to activate basic search and will show the result of searching as shown in the picture following

Show the results of Searching
Component of the result are:
1. Title : show the title/head of information User can click at the title to see its details
2. Description : show partly details of the results and the keywords will be colored in order to attract the users, software will shows URL, last update date, file size and the details in "..." which means details of information have been cut and shows only important words +

moreover Basic Search supports searching for simple conditions in order to give convenience to the users whose need the specific information and meet all users' requirements. The simple conditions that Basic Search

  • Plus "+" : is used for searched documents must haveimportant words (followed plus) in the documnet for example, user wants to find business document that the document should have revenue details. In other way, the document must show the details about "business" and "revenue" user must put +activity + university

Example 1

Result will be document that shows both activity and university the same document
but if user put keyword as +activities university note there is not "+" in front of activitieswhich means user pay attenttion to the word activities more than university it is found document will have "activities" and the word "university" will or will not have in the document

Example 2

compare the number of found document in example 1 to example 2 and the number of document in example 1 less than example 2 because the example 2 search document that included the word activities but not university

Example 3

the more users give conditions, the more users get specific result

  • Minus "-" : is used for mention that searching document must not included the word that followed minus ("-") on the other way, minus means "NOT". For example +activities +university -  sport

Example 4

means to find document that appear activities and university but not sport

  • Quote (" " ") : is used to add in front of and end of the keywords or use for seach document that has the same pattern as user specified such as user seach a phase "program for semester" " "

Example 5

notice the different result from searching without " "

Example 6

Noteุ : warning for using simple condition
1. Simbol usage ("+") or ("-") Users need to add it in front of a keyword (without blank) for example
+actvity -sport  

2 .Use more than 1 word for keywords It make the result is more specific, meet all user' s requirements which means if user put more keywords, then user will get more specific result. The order of adding symbol does not matter for the searching result. For example +actvity -university and -university +actvity will get the same result

3 .Normally, Basic Search mention more than 1 keyword If user does not add the symbol ("+"/"-") and for example user put "activities university" means user asks for searching document that included either or both activities university
4 . If user cannot find document that have mentioned in the search box

  • is might from many causes such as user use Basic Search with wrong conditions and user should try it again or user read user manual for the Basic Search again before the next try

  • cannot found the specified document due to cannot found database


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Last Update : Thursday February 9, 2012