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Learning Management for Students Moral Development in the Core Subject of Social Studies: Religions and Cultures in the Secondary School, Muang District, Nongkhai Province
Researcher : Phramahanipitpon Ciravaddhano (Vonganu) date : 03/12/2019
Degree : طʵҺѳԵ(оطʹ)
Committee :
  ح ѷ
Graduate : Ҥ

On the Learning Management for Development Ethics Students in this thesis, there are the objectives to present the principle of instruction Management for Students Moral  Development in the Core Subject  of Social Studies: Religions and  Cultures in the Secondary School, Muang District, Nongkhai  Province by using the mixed research. The populations were the 2,607 persons by the easy sampling and order with the table of Yamane that they were 347 persons. This research used the statistics, means, percentage, average and deviation of t-test. In this work, there were two groups of variable and the value test (ANOVA).

                 Findings were as:

                 1. It was at the high level in the overview in this research. In the five issues, they were at the high level of the suitability. 

                 2. The results of analyzing the data and comparing it on the learning management to develop the ethics to the students were found that it was not the significant difference on the statistics at 0.05, because their sex was divided by testing the t-test value in the overview. Its result did not relate with the required synthesis. By analyzing the variation on the one way, the grades and the size of schools were found that its result was not the significant difference at 0.05, because it did not relate with the provided synthesis. 

            3. The suggestions on the methods to management the instruction to development the students’ ethics would create the suitable contents with the units by emphasizing and applying them in the daily life. These would be integrated on the knowledgeable foundation of students and they have the opportunity in the participation of the learning activities, because the teachers would have many ways to instruct them. Then they have got the real experience by selecting the measure and evaluation which can be used for analyzing the found results and improve the students’ competency that was the main point to apply the contents onto usages in daily life.   


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